How it works




Cowconnect app and portal

A unique cloud based solution

Feedlync provides a unique cloud based solution, no need to sync or stop to update – you are online, all the time.

Operate via the app (iOS & Android) and online portal

Weight is communicated to the app via the gateway

Live reports on mix precision and feed intake

Multiple mobile devices logins

The Gateway


Gateway unit that fits all mixer wagons - any age, any brand

External weight input

Cloud based

Tough waterproof, shock proof design

Cowconnect intermigrates with: Müller, DeLaval, Arla and more...

Feedlync integrates with the tools you use

Feedlync integrates seamlessly with external systems on your farm and provides automatic import of milk yield and cow numbers.


Feedlync is packed full of features that help you save time and work more effectively.
Here are some of the features we like the most.

Active monitoring

 Monitor feed intake, cost per litre and more on our dashboard

Real-time data exchange

Get real-time data to the app on your phone,  anywhere in the world

Weather corrections

Make feed plan corrections to ensure the weather doesn’t impact milk profits

Low stock alerts

Users will be informed when a silo or feed material reaches a defined low stock level

Farm data connections

Feedlync integrates with other systems so you can save time and money

Left over reports

Make data-driven recipe changes to fight feed waste and increase IOFC

Cloud backup

Automatic reliable backups of your data, without the risk of losing anything

Graphs and Analysis

The dashboard helps you to see and understand collected data and costs

Animal health

Precise feeding data gives you the best understanding of your animals health

Get started today

Take control with a system that saves you time every day and makes feeding cows a breeze.